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Arts & Health in Nature
1st to 4th Sept


With daily bodywork practices, walking, and shared interdisciplinary offerings there was much to consider.


In this, my second residency with Intercultural Roots, for me, questions arose about how the external environment impacts on our internal process.


How we each occupy a given space?

How we show up?

How interact?

This residency prompted questions about the openings and constraints we experience within the different physical spaces we occupy.

How do we create the optimal conditions for expression?
What do we each need as human beings to freely express?

What cramps or constrains us?

How do we help or hinder each other?


Questions arising around human impact

~ upon each other

as human beings

as practitioners

as part of nature

~ on the wider environment

How do we honour our bodies?

Their need for self expression?

Whilst holding the other?

The Human . . . 


...and the More than Human?

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