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ARTISTS RESIDENCY - Dark Skies ~ Wild Seas - Dec 2021 - Interdisciplinary R&D

including individual work for the residency Outcomes Booklet produced during Spring 22

Marking the transition point from my post-parenting recovery and into further R&D

and bodywork, this residency was pivotal in helping to shape my next steps . . . 

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Early January 2017 as an artists residency courtesy of Artspace/Lifespace

The aim; to work with practitioners from a range of disciplines,

beginning with a call out for collaborators through Theatre Bristol 

and for me to explore further working as a social artist, as defined by Jean Houston.

"Social Artistry is the art of enhancing human capacities in the light of social complexity.

It seeks to bring new ways of thinking, being and doing to social challenges in the world."


This pilot project  explored the personal, professional and 

 cultural narratives around women and bravery through a range of methodologies. 

Working with a live and exploratory lab in collaboration with other practitioners,

exploring personal & professional stories using a range of techniques,  

movement, performance, recorded dialogue and reflective journaling.

We worked with UWE Photography Research Group with two second year students,

Hannah Wirgman and Sarah Robbins, who documented some of our sessions,

helped us to produce a series of tableaux stills to illustrate some of the themes we explored, 

in addition to producing some experimental audio and a mini film of stills.

We devised 2 performance pieces based on 'labelling' which we then showcased 

with a follow up discussion and Q&A during our week long exhibition 

featuring the photography and film produced 

thanks to Hannah and Sarah


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