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Dark Skies & Wild Seas 
Residency Dec 2021



My first external residency since the one I where I was lead artist

in January 2017 at Jacobs Wells Baths in Bristol courtesy

of Artspace/Lifespace.  

I was curious.  

The location, 'Coverack' in Cornwall, named in one of my all time favourite novels.  The title, 'Dark Skies and Wild Seas', speaking directly to that part of my wild nature and simultaneously to my ancestral inheritance.  

The location lived up to expectation.  

The residency a mix of activities, taught and shared content

with opportunities to share and create both inside and out.  

There were many take aways from this experience, but by far the best thing to arise out of this experience was how it later led to new ways of working with ink, paper and glass . . . more immediate, more dynamic and with a freedom of expression I had hitherto failed to capture.   


Whilst I am still very much in an experimental phase with this, dipping in and out of practice with this new way of working.  

I am grateful to this residency for the impact and immediacy of the emersion in the elements and all that this experience brought.

Dark Skies & Wild Seas /  Residency Dec 2021

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