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Exploring Conflict ~ Embodying Change


Exploring Conflict  


 Embodying Change

This one day workshop offers you the opportunity to explore this dynamic territory.

Providing dedicated time and space to work together to ~

  • Build a solid container to enable deeper learning

  • Unpack ideas and beliefs around conflict

  • Gain a greater understanding of our own particular styles of conflict 

  • Learn more about how conflict is held in the body

  • Experience conflict as a key to liberation


Shadow Boxing

Captured one morning in Bristol, I was struck by how these two men practising boxing in the early morning light revealed something essential about conflict.

At the top of the image they are fighting,

whereas below in their shadow,

they are together and united . . . 

I was reminded of Sue Grafton's quote

on the human shadow.

We all need to look into the dark side, the shadow side

of our nature - that's where the energy is, the passion.


People are afraid of that because it holds the pieces of us we're busy denying.


Sue Grafton

Shadow Boxing_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Etymology of Conflict.jpg


1: an extended struggle: fight, battle.

2a: a clashing or sharp disagreement (as between ideas, interests, or purposes)

b: mental struggle resulting from needs, drives, wishes, or demands that are in opposition or are not compatible. conflict. verb.

The key word ~ TOGETHER

Bristol Suspension Bridge with reflection.png

These one day workshops are priced on a sliding scale

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