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Spend a day immersed in nature

Designed to help you take a 360 degree look at your life

Combining coaching and sign-posting,
these immersive days offer a rich opportunity 
for you to pause, air your thoughts and unpack your ideas.

Join me to burn away old scripts
and begin crafting your new stories . . . 

For any women currently wrestling with their



Our lives, like nature herself, can feel cyclical, at times we are in our flow,

relationships blossom and our work is meaningful.   At other times we may feel lost, 

our navigation equipment failing, finding ourselves unsure which path to take.  


These are the times we need an impartial ear.   However much our colleagues, friends and family may respect and love us dearly, they may also hold very particular views on who we are, how we should be and sometimes even, what we should do!

These day long immersions offer a carefully crafted process that gives you space and time to explore where you are.  Discovering what's really important and discarding what no longer serves you. Together, we'll gently explore what might be next, then more pragmatically, we'll look at the steps you may need to take to get there . . . 

The open flame was both a necessary and important part of ancient human civilisations,

frequently invested with spiritual significance it is a symbol for passion, alchemy and transformation. Those entrusted with tending this flame often held a sacred role in their culture, this role continues in many traditions into the present day. 


Keeper of the Flame
a role as old as culture itself

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