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Networking South West

Striding out 1940's style

Set up in 2012 - by Rosalind J. Turner, Dip Hum Psych

(Leadership, Facilitation & Coaching) and actively running until end of 2016, offers structured, facilitated guided walks.


Netwalking enables people and businesses to, at its simplest, build those all-important connections, and at it’s more complex, assist groups and teams to ‘walk and talk’ their way through complex challenges more creatively  

Offering both in house independent and bespoke net-walksthe integration of well structured, facilitated and guided walks, with fresh air and movement thrown into the mix is a winning combination.


Netwalking South West, helps you to access untapped creative thinking offering a powerful process for facilitating change, inside and out . . .

women in hats 2 (2) (480x377)

women in hats 2 (2) (480x377)


Netwalking South West only runs bespoke events now.

If you have a group of people who would like and/or who would benefit from a facilitated walk and talk,

don't hesitate to get touch.


Whether you are looking for an interdepartmental dialogue,

new colleagues meeting existing ones or conference networking, a facilitated netwalk

might be just what you need!


Themes, content and location all open for discussion . . .

Contact NWSW

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