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   Rewilding Your Practice

Making Space for Re-enchantment

Early Morning Gatherings for Artists & Creatives, whatever your discipline



Gathering around first light, meeting near the SS Great Britain,

leaving promptly at a designated time and walking westwards.

In this event, we will gently explore ways to reconnect with the natural world,

reclaiming our sense of wonder and magic, as we make space

for our innate creativity and intuition.


​Each meeting will last approximately 3 hours.

Times for each gathering will change as the light arrives earlier,

and will be publicised with each new date.

Whether you are a writer, a painter, filmmaker or sculptor, photographer,

musician, games-designer, or dancer, whatever your creative profession or practice,

spending time in nature, with other creatives, could be just what your soul craves

and your practice needs, even if it does mean an early start! 

Join us for an inspiring and transformative morning.

For your Walk-Shop / Walking questions ~ please visit the FAQ page
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