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Rites and Rituals 
 A Journey to the other side of Mothering


Rites and Rituals 
A Journey to the other side of Mothering

A multi-disciplinary project, and like motherhood, with different stages, facets and phases.

Initially inspired by my own journey post hands-on mothering, then latterly through further reading, observation

and dialogue with other mothers, this multi-disciplinary project aims to work with mothers who have reached and/or are coming to the end of their 'hands-on' mothering.   Whether your only or youngest child is reaching 18, 21, or somewhere close, (maximum age 25), this multi-disciplinary / phased project invites you to consider what next?

Reflecting on my own experience of motherhood, from those overwhelming first few weeks, through the joy, the madness, the love, the tiredness, then ultimately to the tumultuous teens and beyond into parenting a young adult,

I began to look around to see what others thought, what cultural stories are being told, and what images of this phase of motherhood do we see?  What I discovered was . . .   


a gap or should that be, a gaping hole . . .               


the post hands-on mother is either, advertising menopause products (think incontinence pants) or, or, or

what exactly . . . this discovery led to further investigation and ultimately a written article, accepted and now published, with the title The Disappeared Woman.

Featured in 'MOTHER' Issue 9 of THE RADICAL NOTION!  

The Disappeared Woman

~ A Post-Hands-On-Mothering Provocation

by Rosalind J Turner

You can now read the latest version of
The Disappeared Woman HERE

First Phase


#walkingitout ~ is a short exploratory series of 4 gatherings across Summer and early Autumn 2024 

Inviting women, (birthing mothers) who are also artists and creatives to join me in this first live exploration

of 'what now/what next'?


As we transition from hands-on mothering into the next phase of life, these immersive days are designed to act like a micro artist's residency.   A gathering for collective exploration; to reflect on this life stage, how this informs our practice, an opportunity to build connections, and share interdisciplinary dialogue, ALL within the overarching focus of mothers transitioning into a new phase of our lives.

Facilitated through the lens of ecopsychology, these explorations offer a gentle invitation into our own bodies, held within the wider body of nature herself. These walk-shops provide a mini digital holiday, being present to the here and now as we begin to investigate what post hands-on mothering might look like for ourselves.


Designed to draw together birthing mothers who identify as creative practitioners across disciplines, these walk-shops offer gentle provocations to open up a process of dialogue on the move. Through a series of curated questions we will acknowledge the past, explore the present, and begin to imagine possible futures as we step towards our new role, as matriarchs.

PLEASE NOTE ~ DATES TO BE CONFIRMED BY END OF JUNE 24 ~ Each of the 4 dates will work with a different element within the over-arching exploration of post hands-on mothering, these events work individually as a standalone walk-shop and as a progressional series.



What does that mean to us now? How do we inhabit our bodies now that they have given so much?

Or perhaps as we multi-tasked our way through the myriad of demands of our lives as mothers,

we have forgotten we even have a body . . . identifying more closely with the head on a stick idea . . .

Wherever you are on this journey to towards fully inhabiting your post hands-on mothering body,

lets explore and unravel some of the ties that bind ~ TOGETHER!

WHEN ~ Gathering on Saturdays The Elements  (Thanks to Journeymen for PIES)

1. ~ Physicality 

2. ~ Intellect

3.  ~ Emotions

4.  ~ Spirit 


Perhaps you are coming to the end of 'hands-on' parenting, perhaps you are already there,

whichever it is, this period can be a challenging time for many mothers.  

Whether your only or youngest child is reaching 18, 21, or somewhere close,

(Maximum Age 28) and you are beginning to wonder what next? 

Then these unique day walk-shops could be for you.

WHO DEFINED ~ Artists and Creatives ~ Whether you are a writer, dancer, film-maker, theatre practitioner,

sculptor, social-artist, photographer, designer, fashion, textiles, glass-maker, metal-worker, illustrator, painter,

musician, curator or fine-artist, whatever your creative practice, if this is significant part of your life,

either part or full time, then you are part of this group.


Second Phase

Tales from the Table ~ Stories of Family Feasting . . . 

More information to follow

Exploring Rites and Rituals ~ is an interdisciplinary project

working with artists, creatives and other practitioners.

Currently in development - more information to follow



Rewriting Our Future

Which Stories do you dare Burn?

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