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Mentoring & Supervision

Bringing together the visual acuity of the artist, the curiosity and heart
of a humanistic psychology practitioner, with the pragmatism, experience
and understanding of events and workshop design, production, and delivery. 
Rosalind has been described as an Artist, Facilitator, Catalyst and Provocateur, 


She describes herself as an Interdisciplinary Practitioner.

New to Facilitation, Workshop Design and Organisation?

Rosalind offers mentoring in person and online 

Offering in person and online mentoring and supervision

for aspiring facilitators and workshop leaders. 

Combining my experience and expertise working with groups, I bring many years

of event design and delivery to the table

to help you craft your best workshops and events yet.

Passionate about helping people to run better events, if you would like Rosalind to help you, do get in touch.

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Passionate about excellent 

event and workshop design,

Rosalind will help you consider everything from the

macro to the micro,

helping you to drill down into those all important details.


Offering in person

and online mentoring and supervision

for aspiring facilitators and workshop leaders. 


In addition to her experience and expertise working with groups,

Rosalind brings many years

of event design and delivery

to the table

to help you craft your best events and workshops yet.

What other people say . . . 

"For a long time I felt called to start running my own singing circles, workshops and retreats. I didn't have much experience and knowledge, only my intuition and passion for the songs from my culture. From the beginning of my journey, I decided to have support and mentoring with Rosalind. She observed my workshops, gave me good feedback, skilfully questioned and brought awareness to the different elements of my workshops which in turn really helped to improve and grow my skills effectively. She has also helps me to understood group dynamics, and my participants at a deeper level, which has led to more satisfied regular participants. 

In addition she has supported me with all the aspects of event design, planning, organising and in particular getting more clarity about my what my offer is exactly.   This has been really beneficial for my regular groups, workshops and retreats. Rosalind could predict my mistakes and has saved me lots of time!

Whether you are a new workshop leader or an experienced one, Rosalind can bring valuable observations and questions to help you take your facilitation skills to the next level.  This has been a real game changer for me and the feel of the groups I am working with. Her style of being both empowering and supportive, but not afraid to ask critical questions at the right moment, has not only really helped me to develop my skills to run better workshop, but is helping me to realise a long held dream and ambition, to be running successful singing workshops and retreats.   I wouldn't have achieved what I've achieved without her support! Highly recommend!" 

 Additional Notes...


  • very organised,

  • honest and trustworthy

  • inspires confidence

  • helps me to get more clarity

  • see things I haven't noticed

  • bring awareness and questions things I haven't questioned before 

  • has brought support to my first workshops and retreat planning,

  • help to get clear and work better with others 

  • help to grow my business 

  • supportive when I struggled 

  • skilfully and consistently challenged me to transform my practice 

  • support in all the part of the process

  • Very clear communication and excellent organisation skills 

Magdalena Leszczyc (known as Lena) is a Singing Workshop Leader, Waldorf teacher, product designer, and children's entertainer.

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