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Sea altered 2.jpg
Base b&w image R P copy_edited.png

Submerged for gestation . . . 

Sea altered & flipped.jpg

During 2020, I decided to allocate, initially a 12 month period for what I have called, my post hands-on parenting recovery, to recover my creative and intuitive self after the ravages of parenting a teen through to early adulthood, little did I know where that would that would take me . . .  

I have been exploring writing, making, taking and making time for reflection to see what emerges . . .

moving, discarding and repositioning the various jigsaw pieces that make up this new chapter of creative life.


Now, late 2023 I am actively engaged in recovering my creative and intuitive confidence,

and fully engaged in a research and development process for my next interdisciplinary project.


Rosalind with float - 8th Nov 21 - altered 4.jpg
Rosalind with float - 8th Nov 21 - altered 4_edited.jpg
Sea altered & flipped_edited_edited_edited.jpg
jigsaw with moon from window
Maiden Mother Crone MATRIARCH
jigsaw with moon
Alchemy jigsaw piece
Buzzard Jigsaw Piece
Courage Jigsaw Piece
Base b&w image R P copy_edited
Sea altered & flipped_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
fire jigsaw piece
ros pregnant black & white - altered 4
Base b&w image R P copy_edited
Women Sea Time Fire
Sea altered & flipped_edited.jpg

To facilitate this I am intermittently engaged in a mentoring process to support my R&D,

researching two distinct areas of enquiry. 


1. The theme of the 'hidden figures' of women post 'hands on' mothering but pre old age,

exploring questions of identity, spirit and longing.

2. Women and Earth ~ the parallels between women and 'mother' earth

Sea altered & flipped_edited_edited.jpg
Sea altered & flipped_edited.jpg
Base b&w image R P copy_edited.png
fire flame 2.png

Fire in the belly . . . 

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