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Workshops & Coaching


Much of my workshop and coaching work is about sense making.

Whether its wrestling with personal questions, exploring life changes and choices,

to the wider questions examining culture and organisational change.


I work with individuals and small groups to find the light in what can sometimes feel like

dark, muddy or unfathomable territory.  Using a range of creative tools to explore

sometimes complex situations. I bring my extensive skill set to help you,

or you and your group, find perspective and understanding,

enabling better choices and effective action.

I do this through offering a range of services that at their heart,

all share a common thread,

bringing together professional and personal development,

exploring through head, heart and hands.

I believe, whatever issue we are trying to address 

When we dare to bring our courage and creativity together

with the intention of exploring change,

MAGIC can happen . . . 

Gaining Perspective

Sometimes we simply need a confidential conversation with someone impartial. 

I offer gentle 3 hour 'walk and talk' sessions for you to gain perspective on an issue you are struggling to make sense of...

For more info.


Exploring Conflict  


 Embodying Change

These one day group workshops

are designed to help you to explore conflict within a framework that enables

a deep dive into a current conflict at play

and gain greater insight.


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Exploring Life Changes ~ Life Choices

What will you dive into . . . 

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