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I am interested in creativity in the broadest of terms, of living a creative life, of creativity being enacted in the smallest of gestures through to the grandest of narratives. I am inspired by the recent work of Rick Rubin and his book, The Creative Act and Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic. 


As an interdisciplinary practitioner I bring a broad background of expertise, I aim to work from a position of trauma-informed practice, eco-psychology and my growing awareness of eco-somatics,

embedding this knowledge in my work where possible.


Working one-to-one and with groups, I weave together the various strands of my experience 

that include my warmth, candour, courage to challenge, humour, vulnerability and compassion. 

It is these qualities that I try to bring along with my straight-talking style, shining a light in the dark corners, inviting the hidden into visibility, and the out of sight into our minds, "like life, it is a work in progress . . . "


This is complimented by my abiding interest in systems thinking, form and function, task and process.  Initially birthed during my formative years through my ceramics training, and later through the crucible of parenting, my study for a post graduate diploma in Humanistic Psychology, entitled Leadership, Facilitation and Coaching, and through my time working as a freelance facilitator at Schumacher College, 2008 to 2016.  I am currently inspired by the work of Larger Us and Moral Imaginations.

Lastly, surprisingly for some, perhaps not for others, I also spend part of my time as a commercial driver, included here, as it is another piece of the jigsaw that makes up the puzzle of this particular life.

CV - needs updating - like some aspects my life - a work in progress . . . 

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I was recently asked who are my influences, who do I admire and whose qualities might I covert?  It got me thinking, not just about the people themselves but their work and their qualities, so here are just a few, in no particular order, some living, some dead, some local, some international, some famous,  some infamous, some real, some imagined, and some simply quietly getting on with what they do . . . 

  Kate Malone  /  Alejandro Jodorowsky  /  Louise Bourgeois  / Edson Burton  /  Brene Brown  


John O'Donohue  /  Tracey Emin  /  Sophie Abbot  /  Shawn Sobers  /   Darvish Fakhr  / Barbara McClintock   

Maureen O'Hara  /  Natalie Lennard  /  Barny Haughton  /   Marlene Dietrich  / The Grand Sophy /  Amy Cuddy    

Starhawk  /  Elizabeth Gilbert  /  Yvonne Bignall  /  Anna Willoughby  / J K Rowling  / Georgette Heyer    


Sarah Moate  /   Polly Higgins  /  Suzanne Lacy  /  Judy Chicago  /  Marina Abramović / Bell Hooks 


Rick Rubin  / Prince Harry  /  Dr Jessica Taylor  /  Hettie Judah /  Erin Morgenstern  /  Jeanette Winterson 

Phoebe Mary Waller-Bridge  /  Caitlin Moran  /  Sgt Gathering Cawood - aka Sarah Lancashire  

Dona St Columb  /  Sally Wainwright  /  Michaela Coel  /  Daphne du Maurier  /  Phoebe Tickell

Influences and Inspiration

Are YouSwitchingit Up for2024 . . .

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