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Informed by narrative, I am curious about the stories we tell ourselves, the tales we tell others, and the cultural narratives we create, this is what informs my work.   

My interdisciplinary practice takes a multiplicity of forms. I am interested in what we reveal about ourselves and what we chose to keep hidden. My work aims to combine courage and creativity to effect change,​ unpacking and examining different elements of an issue by working interdisciplinarily

I bring together the visual acuity of the artist, the heart of a humanistic psychology practitioner, with the pragmatism, experience and understanding of events & workshop design, production, and delivery

However, it was my ceramics training, early on and later, that taught me the appreciation of form and function, which hopefully I have managed to capture a little of throughout this website . . . because for me, my website is not solely a glorified list of Now, Then, Could Be, Maybe, but a place to play as well as inform.

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Rosalind J Turner

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Influences and Inspiration

I was recently asked who are my influences, who do I most admire?  It got me thinking,

not just about the people themselves but their work and their qualities, so here are just a few,

in no particular order, some living, some dead, some local, some international, some famous,  some infamous, some simply quietly getting on with what they do . . . 

Marina Abramović  /  Kate Malone  /  Alejandro Jodorowsky  /  Louise Bourgeois  / Edson Burton  /  J K Rowling  


John O'Donohue  /  Tracey Emin  /  Sophie Abbot  / Shawn Sobers  /  Brene Brown  /  Darvish Fakhr  / 

Maureen O'Hara  /  Natalie Lennard  /  Barny Haughton  /   Marlene Dietrich  /  Amy Cuddy  /  Daphne du Maurier

Starhawk  /  Elizabeth Gilbert  /  Yvonne Bignall  /  Georgette Heyer  /  Barbara McClintock  /  Sarah Moate  / 


/  Polly Higgins  /  Suzanne Lacy  /  Judy Chicago  /  Bell Hooks   

 . . . a little creative play for your delectation . . . 

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